Studijsko putovanje: Vizula

Vižula je rimsko arheološko nalazište blizu Medulina. Ove su godine dvije naše članice, Istra i Sara, sudjelovale na iskopima zajedno s arheolozima.

Interesting Tour on Vizula by Istra Toner yesterday. 
Vižula the archaeological site near Medulin, confirmed to be populated from the Neolithic to the Early Middle Ages. The structure was elevated from the sea coast by terraces, while its bottom part lies today sunk under the sea, giving only a glimpse of the pier remains. The villa was a residential country house for both noblemen and the Emperor. Its preserved architecture shows that the villa was facing the sea, with the floors partially decorated by mosaics. Visible shapes of the swimming pool, the water supply and toilet 
;) After cultural evening....always pizza.... with different appearance and health status.
by: Christina

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